Debugging Cheats

Open the Resolution Dialog if You hold down the Alt key at startup.

Keyboard Input For Debugging

This game is truly designed for controllers
Only two players can "play" with the keyboard


  • Up Arrow Selection up
  • Down Arrow Selection Down
  • Left Arrow Selection Left
  • Right Arrow Selection Right
  • F12 Enable/Disable Menu
  • Enter Submit
  • Esc Cancel

Player 1

  • Up Arrow Move up
  • Down Arrow Move Down
  • Left Arrow Move Left
  • Right Arrow Move Right
  • Keypad 5 Look Up
  • Keypad 8 Look Down
  • Keypad 6 Look Left
  • Keypad 4 Look Right
  • Keypad 0 Shoot

Player 2

  • W Arrow Move up
  • S Arrow Move Down
  • A Arrow Move Left
  • D Arrow Move Right
  • T Look Up
  • G Look Down
  • F Look Left
  • H Look Right
  • Space Shoot

Debugging Cheats


These cheats can break the game and are not for competitive play!

  • F1 Turn on/off debugging light
  • F2 Kill a random alive player (Can mess up the game-loop)
  • F3 Enable/Disable the Mouse
  • F4 Enable FPS Display (very low estimate - FRAPS counts twice as much)
  • F5 Set all Waits to 0 seconds (Between rounds)
  • F6 Disable Vsync

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