Update Version 0.2


The one-month after the Nordic Game Jam 2019 update is here!

New Features

  • Squeaky Floor
    • Some random floor panels can squeak if stepped on or off
  • Switch Color
    • Any ready player can press Y to switch their avatar-color.
      • Cycle through all unused colors
      • Color Yellow added (Available colors: red, blue, green, pink and yellow)
  • Props were optimized
    • Meshes were optimized
    • Shading Groups added
    • Physical based Materials were added
      • (Cartoon base colors will be default/optional in the next update)
  • Lightnings shine through all windows now
  • Light colors optimized
    • Lightnings and oil lamps
  • Level was enhanced
    • Windows added
  • Chandelier added
    • Falling down on level start
    • Reverse fall on level end
  • Wanted Poster Decal added
  • Sound optimized WIP
    • New rain & thunder sound 
    • Gun sounds like a 1866 Winchester Levergun
  • Level end rewind Sound (This again!)
  • UI Scaling WIP
    • UI should scale better on Screens which aren't 16:9
  • Cartridges its just an Effect Fix
    • can't be shot
    • don't cause bumped-into-vibration 
  • Guesswork Logo optimized 
  • Button Mapping Screen optimized
  • Butler Updates should work now

New Discord Channel


Guesswork is now on itch.io


Known issues:

  • The intro is bugged (furniture sinks into the floor) and ends abruptly
  • Game might not run very smooth when first launched/at start of the first round

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